macroBugFixCleanDb {macroutils}R Documentation

Read bin file from the Soil and MACRO models.


Read bin file from the Soil and MACRO models. Adapted from an "anonymous" SLU origial code by Kristian Persson. R code vectorisation by Julien Moeys.


macroBugFixCleanDb(file, paranoia = TRUE, ...)



Vector of character strings or a single connection to a MACRO GUI MS Access parameter database. If a vector of character strings, it should be the name(s) of the Access database(s) contianing MACRO parameters. The path of the file(s) may be provided as well, if file(s) is (are) not in the working directory.


Single logical value. If TRUE, the user is asked if he made a backup copy of the parameter database.


Additional options passed to specific methods.


Many global arguments can be set-up and retrieved via muPar and getMuPar. Please check the help page of these functions if you need to tune macroReadBin.


Do not return anything. Used for it side effect on a MACRO parameter database.

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