TT.polygon.centroids {soiltexture}R Documentation

Internal. Determines the centroid of 1 polygon (in x-y coordinates).


Determines the centroid of 1 non-intersecting polygon (in x-y coordinates). Used to determine the centroid of each texture class in the texture triangle onces its clay silt sand coordinates have been converted to x-y coordinates. pol.x[1]:pol.y[1] is supposed different from pol.x[n]:pol.y[n] (i.e. the polygon is NOT closed). After " Calculating The Area And Centroid Of A Polygon. Written by Paul Bourke, July 1988".


TT.polygon.centroids(pol.x, pol.y)



Vector of numericals. X coordinates of each vertices of the polygon.


Vector of numericals. Y coordinates of each vertices of the polygon.


Returns a vector of 2 numericals: x and y coordinates of the polygon's centroid. Vector items are names "x" and "y".


Julien Moeys [aut, cre], Wei Shangguan [ctb], Rainer Petzold [ctb], Budiman Minasny [ctb], Bogdan Rosca [ctb], Nic Jelinski [ctb], Wiktor Zelazny [ctb], Rodolfo Marcondes Silva Souza [ctb], Jose Lucas Safanelli [ctb], Alexandre ten Caten [ctb]

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