TT.set {soiltexture}R Documentation

Function to change / set the default package parameters.


Function to change / set the default package parameters as they are stored in the list TT.par in the environment TT.env. Use this function to change some deafult parameters for all the current R cession. Many functions of soiltexture take some of their parameter values in TT.par.


TT.set(..., reset = FALSE, par.list = "TT.par", bkp.par.list = "TT.par.bkp", 
    par.env = TT.env)



List of parameters and value in the form "par.name1" = par.value1, "par.name2" = par.value2... List of parameters to change.


Single logical. If set to TRUE the parameter list is reset to default


Single character. Name of the list containing the parameters


Single character. Name of the backuped list containing the default parameters


An R environment. Name of the environment containing the parameter lists (no quotes)


Julien Moeys [aut, cre], Wei Shangguan [ctb], Rainer Petzold [ctb], Budiman Minasny [ctb], Bogdan Rosca [ctb], Nic Jelinski [ctb], Wiktor Zelazny [ctb], Rodolfo Marcondes Silva Souza [ctb], Jose Lucas Safanelli [ctb], Alexandre ten Caten [ctb]

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